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The purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care structure, process, and outcomes are to measure and compare the services of the organization

The purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care structure, process, and outcomes are to measure and compare the services of the organization

The health care system has now developed in many countries. In this sector, many experts in this field, work hard to develop new medical instruments for the detection of diseases. New policies are made for doctors, nurses, and other staff. The resources are provided by the government for hospitals to provide better treatments for their patients who are old or cannot afford their medical expenditures. Different training centers are now open to give the right directions to health care systems. Now there are more NGOs with the mission of saving the lives of humans and providing accessibility services so that the patients would have more satisfaction with their health care system. The development in the health care system now determines those policies that have strong outcomes and provide standard practices and policies (Vooren et al., 2020). By the time people are also aware of their environment, quality food and education, and most importantly economic factors also influenced them to have a better lifestyle and save the environment around them. The conception of people’s minds also changes and now they want a long-term care program for themselves and when political and economic sectors engage in different responsibilities ultimately the social sector also engages in practicing those policies. People are now more motivated to help others and volunteer in groups and they are also likely to donate funds in health care systems to save the lives of others.

Question 2

The purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care structure, process, and outcomes are to measure and compare the services of the organization. The structure is used to evaluate the internal system of healthcare for example how many doctors and physicians are working, how many medical instruments are used, and how many experts are working etc. The process measures are used to evaluate how doctors, nurses, and other staff provide good treatments to improve the health of their patients (Weiss et al., 2019). The process measure deals with patient reports. The outcome measure is the result of a patient’s health report that whether they recovered by a particular process or not and what services are provided to them to maintain their health and if experts find something irregular in their results, they might change their structure or processes maybe both.

Question 3

Technology plays important role in the life of humans and it is also impacting in improving the health of patients. The technology is now used to detect the disease earlier so the treatment starts with no delay. Technology saves time, works efficiently, and reducing errors in medical treatments. It also helps in maintaining the records of patients (Loblova et al., 2020). Technology also provides a platform for medical staff and patients to communicate easily via different online sites.

Question 4

To improve the quality of care and safety within the healthcare system is only possible if we use different strategies for patient safety and provide good services to them with the help of advanced technology and maintain a full record of patient history for future practices. The Healthcare system requires a lot of systematic analysis of the quality and safety of patients (Fares et al., 2020). They have to establish a good management system and make sure that employees also understand the policies which are practices within the organization and also keep in mind the safety of patients.

Question 5

The American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization in the USA, they work for people who cannot afford medical expenditures of cancer. They provide free treatments with the mission to free the world from cancer. They use different strategies and planning to set their goals. They do volunteer work and collect funds to support their patients. They also play an important role in conducting research and sessions to provide awareness that how to prevent cancer. The mission of an institution is to save lives across the world. They are available 24\7 to provide their services and support people emotionally and mentally. They made incredible progress because of their donors and volunteers. They want to reduce the disease by providing authentic information about making healthy food choices. They provide guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer. All non-profit organizations and government agencies are on the same mission and their number one priority is to save the life of people so they live long and healthy. They apply different advanced technology and experts for medical treatments. Now we have seen the number of people is working together for the sake of humanity and do care about each other’s life.


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