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Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and Diabetes

The next step in the research process is immersing oneself in the empirical literature on your research topic to determine the extent to which your research question:

n Is obesity (IV) associated with diabetes risk (DV) among Americans aged 35-45? has been addressed.

Part 1. Your task for this assignment is to:

Use the six peer-reviewed journal articles (below) that present studies relevant to your topic, and synthesize these in an evidence table(1-2 pages).

Go to Evidence Table: for more details on what this table should contain.

Part 2. Based on your evidence table, address the following questions in 3-4 pages:

  1. What      are the gaps in the available qualitative and quantitative data about your      selected research topic/question?
  2. Which      study design is most appropriate to address your research question and      test your hypothesis?
  3. What      are the components of this study design? You may describe using a diagram.
  4. Would      this design be considered experimental or observational? Why?
  5. What      are the advantages and disadvantages of the study design you selected?
  6. To      what types of bias/threat is this study design most vulnerable? Please      explain.

Length: 3-4 pages typed, double-spaced, APA format.

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Eckel, R. H., Kahn, S. E., Ferrannini, E., Goldfine, A. B., Nathan, D. M., Schwartz, M. W., . . . Endocrine Society. (2011). Obesity and type 2 diabetes: What can be unified and what needs to be individualized? Diabetes Care, 34(6), 1424-1430. doi:10.2337/dc11-0447

Leitner, D. R., Frühbeck, G., Yumuk, V., Schindler, K., Micic, D., Woodward, E., & Toplak, H. (2017). Obesity and type 2 diabetes: Two diseases with a need for combined treatment strategies – EASO can lead the way. Obesity Facts, 10(5), 483-492. doi:10.1159/000480525

Al-Goblan, A., Al-Alfi, M., & Khan, M. Z. (2014). Mechanism linking diabetes mellitus and obesity. Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, 7, 587-591. doi:

Toselli, S., Gualdi-Russo, E., Boulos, D. N., Anwar, W. A., Lakhoua, C., Jaouadi, I., Khyatti, M., & Hemminki, K. (2014). Prevalence of overweight and obesity in adults from North Africa. European journal of public health, 24 Suppl 1, 31–39.

Khabazkhoob, M., Emamian, M. H., Hashemi, H., Shariati, M., & Fotouhi, A. (2017). Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in the Middle-age Population: A Priority for the Health System. Iranian journal of public health, 46(6), 827–834.

Staimez, L. R., Weber, M. B., Narayan, K. M., & Oza-Frank, R. (2013). A systematic review of overweight, obesity, and type 2 diabetes among Asian American subgroups. Current diabetes reviews, 9(4), 312–331.

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