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Impacts of Medication Errors on 3-4-Year-Old Leukemia Patients

Impacts of Medication Errors on 3-4-Year-Old Leukemia Patients

Impacts of Medication errors on 3-4-year-old Leukemia Patients

Submitted by

Bola Odusola-Stephen

Direct Practice Improvement Project Proposal

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, Arizona

August 3, 2020


Impacts of Medication Errors on 3-4-Year-Old Leukemia Patients


Bola Odusola-Stephen


August 3, 2020


Dr. Lisa Church, EdD, PhD, Manuscript Chair

Genevieve Onyirioha, RN, MSN, FNP, CMSRN, DNP, Committee Member

Table of Contents Chapter 1: 1 Introduction to the Project 1 Background of the Project 2 Problem Statement 3 Clinical Question(s) 3 Advancing Scientific Knowledge 4 Significance of the Project 4 Rationale for Methodology 5 Nature of the Project Design 5 Definition of Terms 6 Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations 6 Summary and Organization of the Remainder of the Project 7 Literature Review 9 Introduction 9 Theoretical foundations 10 Review of Literature 11 Theme-1 Drug Dispensation 11 Subtheme: 1 Knowledge Deficit 11 Theme 2: Drug Prescription 15 Subtheme1: Errors Associated with Wrong Prescription 16 Subtheme 2: Errors Associated with Medical Fillings 17 Theme 3: Parental Administration and Nurse Administration 19 Subtheme1: Parental Education on Drug Administration 19 Subtheme 2: Error from Ambulatory Setting Associated with Lack of Knowledge 22 Summary 24 Chapter 3: Methodology 27 Statement of the Problem 27 Clinical Question 27 Project Methodology 28 Project Design 29 Population and Sample Selection 29 Instrumentation or Sources of Data 30 Validity 30 Reliability 31 Data Collection Procedures 31 Data Analysis Procedures 31 Potential Bias and Mitigation 33 Ethical Considerations 33 Limitations 34 Summary 34 Appendix [A] 35 References 40

Chapter 1:

Introduction to the Project

According to research conducted by James et al. (2006), more than 98 000 deaths were occurring in the hospital, a more significant number than those caused by breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents put together. Most of these deaths that occur in hospitals are because of Medical Errors (Taylor et al., 2006). These medication errors usually happen because of ordering mistakes, monitoring errors, dispensing errors, or administrations errors. They are potential for Adverse Drug Events.

Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia are a group of potential victims of Adverse Drug Events that could potentially harm (Walsh et al., 2013). In this project, I will focus on Pediatric Oncology; that is, the effects medication errors could have on patients of Leukemia who are between three and four years old. Pediatric oncology presents a very high-risk area and has potential adverse effects in the case that medication errors present themselves.

Annually, there are about 250,000 cases of children with cancer, with 200,000 being from developing countries. The survival rate of these patients is average at 25%, but the number rises to about 80% in states with underdeveloped health systems. Since there is improved management of these cases because of increased advancement in technology and medical interventions, these cases arise because of medical errors.

Children at the age of 3-4 years are at a high risk of potential Adverse Drug Events because the toxicity of drugs to their weight ratio is high. Also, because chemotherapy drugs are highly toxic, any medication errors could lead to fatal consequences (Goldspiel et al., 2015). Therefore, we must find a way of reducing medication errors in these children, both at the clinics and at home.

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